Ichneumonidae collection of Klaus Horstmann transferred to the ZSM

High-res images of the excess collection now available online!

Ichneumonidae ex coll. Horstmann (Photo: Olga Schmidt)

Ichneumonidae ex coll. Horstmann (Photo: Olga Schmidt)

The excellent ichneumonid collection of Klaus Horstmann has recently been transferred to the ZSM. Horstmann was one of the most highly respected specialists of Ichneumonidae in the last and the current century.  He published around 200 publications, about 160 of them dealing with Ichneumonidae. Many of these are comprehensive revisions, often in some of the taxonomically most difficult groups that ichneumonids have to offer. The collection is internationally one of the most valuable and important collections of ichneumonid wasps. It contains many primary type specimens and and virtually all identifications are based on comparison with types and therefore highly reliable.

The collection consists of two parts, viz. 1) the main collection that is set up as a reference collection, and 2) an excess collection with duplicates, represenatatives of undescribed species, series of specimens of the same species, and material that Horstmann had on loan. High-resolution images of the excess collection will allow owners of borrowed material to locate their specimens in the excess collection and assist the curators in returning the loans. The images are publicly available as Picasa web album and on Google+

Stefan Schmidt