Archiv für den Monat: März 2009

AllLeps DNA Barcoding of Bavarian Lepidoptera: first results


Barcoded specimen of Catoptria mytilella (Crambidae)

Approximately 3,000 specimens have been submitted to the Canadian ‘pipeline’. The first about 1,000 sequences are in the  BOLD database and show that the success rate is close to 100% with fresh material, and about 60-80% in material that is 10-15 years old, depending on specimen history. The first 200 data sets are validated and put online. The best covered taxa in the project are the Geometridae. The data allow molecular re-identification of some geometrid larvae that were notoriously difficult to identify. A few days ago DNA barcoding of Pyralidae and Crambidae started with the processing of the first 100 species.

Titanus – Titanen – Titans



Thanks to G. Beinhundner, the ZSM now owns two additional, wonderfully preserved Titanus giganteus from Amazonia. This is the WORLD’S LARGEST BEETLE species, usually between 12 and 17 cm long.

Durch freundliche Unterstuetzung von G. Beinhundner bekam die ZSM zwei sehr schoen erhaltene Titanus giganteus Riesenbockkaefer aus Amazonien. Dies ist die groesste Kaeferart der Welt, die Art wird bis zu 17 cm lang und zeichnet sich durch sehr kraeftige Mundwerkzeuge aus.